Thursday, April 3, 2008

Top ten reasons why...

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I hate grade 10 science. In general I had a very bad and busy week… so be prepared for this rant.

I am totally pissed off and angry at science because:

1. We have four units and only one is exciting to me: Chemistry. The others (which I will get to) are either a) impossible for me to understand, or b) a snooze.

2. We’re getting marked on our weather predictions. How the hell do you give a mark to a prediction?
“You predicted wrong! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow!“
“But… how do YOU know your prediction is right?”
“You have to look at all the information given to you!”
“… I did.”
“Well, you’re still wrong!”

3. I can’t get the hang of weather because it is, as our teacher continuously reminds us, UNPREDICTABLE.

4. I feel that he doesn’t explain everything clearly enough; I’m kind of dim so I need time to figure things out to fully understand them.

5. When will we ever say to someone “Because of the polar air mass coming from the north and the low pressure system, tomorrow will be quite cold” ? Can’t we just say “Watch the weather network” ? Meteorologists are paid to tell us what’s going to happen tomorrow, we really don’t need to figure things out by ourselves! Sure it makes us seem smarter, but again, weather is unpredictable, and the weatherman probably knows more about his profession than us.

6. Physics is “magic”. Which means that our teacher isn’t too keen on the topic himself, which means I’ll have to do a lot more learning by myself.

7. Weather

8. Weather

9. Weather

10. Can you guess?


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