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21 movie poster Rating: 4.5

Counting cards is pretty dangerous, especially when a surveillance team is constantly watching every table. 21, a movie inspired from the popular book "Bringing Down The House" by Ben Mezrich, is about how getting caught by the law is not worth the risk. MIT Blackjack Team, a group of 5 students that have learned how the beat the Vegas blackjack system, head down to earn some money under the direction of Professor Micky Rosa.

Ben Campbell (played by Jim Sturgess) is an MIT student who doesn't have enough money to apply for the medical program at Harvard. He gets sucked into the game and soon starts to get greedier for more and more money.

Overall, I think the actors did a great job in making this seem as real as possible. There were a lot of hilarious moments, such as:

Micky Rosa: [while Choi is stealing everything that isn't nailed down in the hotel room] *Hey!* You steal The Bible, you go to Hell. Those are the rules.

Choi: Like I'm not going anyway.

Overall, this is definitely one of the better movies I've seen this year so far. It's predictable to a point (geek meets girl, geek likes girl, geek and girl hook up), but it had many surprises too, and kept me hooked the entire time. For information on the real life counterparts, and (if you've already seen the movie) all the card codes from 1 to 18, this is the site to visit.


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