Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cayley Mathematics!

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I did the Cayley math contest (by Waterloo) today during first period. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, but that's because I remembered how to do specific questions from last year. I was actually surprised when one of my friends, Sam, forgot how to find the circumference of a circle... weren't we taught that every single goddamn year in math since grade 5? I say goddamn because we always seem to be learning the same thing, and I wish the teachers would just MOVE ON. I know that I made three stupid mistakes, and then I left the last question blank, so I should be able to calculate my mark. Waterloo actually gives you 2 marks for not putting down any answer! Anyway, so my test result is

Well, that's terrible, but since it doesn't count for anything, I'm not worried. My excuse for a music teacher marked me absent today; my mom received a call from the school saying that I "skipped" first period, when I had SPECIFICALLY told her I was at the math contest... *shakes head*

Anyway, I need to study for a science nomenclature quiz and an English short stories quiz.

I wish everyday could be Family Day.


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