Monday, August 4, 2008

Mom's new best friend

Summer has its ups and downs, and I can't believe it goes by so fast... not that I'm complaining, I actually want to go back to school this fall. The main reason is that I don't see many of my friends during the summer because they all get taken by camps, cottages, family, and other tourist destinations, while I'm stuck at home. Speaking of friends, my mom seems to have made a new one this summer:

Bug Spray

Yep, my mother's best friend at the moment is this can of bug spray. As much as I hate killing bugs (because a. they are scary and b. squishing = innards everywhere), the buzzing and biting of human flesh (mostly mine) is just intolerable. If I get just one little bite from a mosquito on my leg, it'll swell up to twice its size in the next 10 minutes. How pleasant.

Mom killed about 6 flies today while mumbling under her breath about terminating all insects... or something along those lines.


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