Thursday, August 21, 2008

August In A List

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Wow, long time no blog. Seriously, I haven't really done much this August, so I don't really know what my excuse is for abandoning this blog for so long. The Olympics have basically taken over my life, but if someone mentions to me how great Michael Phelps is one more time, I will go insane - well, more insane than before. I'm slightly distracted right now, so I doubt writing in paragraphs will help. Instead, here's a list of what I did in August:

1. Watched the Olympics. Opening ceremonies = fantastic. I feel slightly gypped that lots of the fireworks were computer animated, but the rest of the ceremonies completely made up for that.

2. Went shopping. A lot. Call me weird, but I don't go shopping to buy clothes. Well, I do, but I just like walking around the mall and looking at all the different clothes stores have to offer. That's not to say I didn't buy anything at all, but I'm really picky with what I buy.

3. Almost exploded with the amount of Michael Phelps I see on the Internet + TV. We know he's a great swimmer - obviously, he proved it with his 8 gold medals - but can we not make the whole world revolve around him and his 12000-calorie diet?

4. Read the entire Twilight saga. I kind of gave in after seeing the Flair application on Facebook get flooded with Twilight related buttons. The books left me angry with Stephenie Meyer and sad with my own life. Honestly Steph, the concept of vampires and everything is original, but maybe try to write it a little better? Also, why did you have to ruin my life by creating the perfect FICTIONAL guy? If there's an Edward Cullen for Bella Swan, there should be one for all of us.

5. Saw the Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants. It wasn't as bad as I expected, in fact, it was actually really funny at times. In short: Tibby > Carmen > Bridget > Lena, story-wise.

6. Went on lots and lots of walks.

7. Realized that I did not want school to start. Seeing friends? Yay. Homework and the pressure of Grade 11? Nay.

What have you done this August? I sincerely hope it was more interesting than what I did.


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