Monday, September 29, 2008

Therapeutic Treatment

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  1. Grab a pillow and a metal spoon. The pillow is for crying or pounding into, and the spoon is for you to throw/ attempt to bend/ break, etc. Metal spoons are the best because you can get it back to its original form after you bend it. But if not, anything other than porcelain will do.

  2. Sleep. Really, it's good for you, especially if you've exerted too much force on that spoon.

  3. Open up a word document, mash keys until a light bulb appears on top of the annoying paper clip's head, OR until you've filled a whole page with 12 font gibberish, OR until your fingers go numb.

  4. Go shopping. Retail therapy FTW!

  5. Yell at your pet. They won't understand. -And for those who say that pets DO understand... maybe yours does, but my turtle is oblivious to everything around him. I don't use this method much though.

  6. Tell whoever is bugging you WHY they're bugging you. Let it all out.

  7. Tell Dr. Phil and let HIM deal with it.

  8. Blog about it.

...Really, I should take my own advice more often.


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