Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tea Pots

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There's a store that recently opened in a mall close to my home that is utterly unique and just amazing. It's called Teaopia, and obviously you can tell what the specialize in just by looking at the name. It's great because none of the teas are sold in little packets; they're all loose-leaf. One thing I love about that place is their free tea samples, varying from traditional green teas to their own fruit teas. Mmm, pina colada goodness... But really, most of these teas come in affordable price packages, and they're just SO good!

I also love browsing through their wide collection of teapots and other tea accessories. Here's my favourite teapot:
Flower Tea Pot

Unfortunately, it's also $140.00. Maybe I'll ask for it for my birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, I got this wicked teapot for a friend yesterday. So pretty!

So, do you drink tea?


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