Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jobs, Piano, and University

This is basically my August update, except I thought calling it "August Update" would be boring, hence the title. This post is about - surprisingly - my job, piano, and university. I can't believe there's only one month left of summer!  And here's what I'm doing in that one month:


This August, I'm working at the place where my mom works because she really needs some help right now.  Their company, which is a cork company, had a massive fire a few weeks ago, which burnt down most of the building.  Obviously, this meant that they've had to relocate and basically start all over.  My mom is their accountant, so I've just been helping with filing, sorting, and some of the more basic tasks (though I have not had to go and get coffee for anyone...yet).

It's sometimes quite hectic, and at other times, I have absolutely nothing to do.  One can only file so many papers and lick so many envelopes!  The pay isn't bad, and I work there 3 times a week.  I suppose I could work more if I wanted to, but the next topic prevents me from doing that.

Piano aka Death

I have my piano ARCT exam coming up in 2 weeks (not going to pass regardless, but still) and I need to practice like crazy.  There is no way I'm passing, but at least I can say that I tried.


University stuff has been keeping me busy as well.  Lots of stuff to pay for and lots of stuff to buy (university is expensive, to state the obvious) so I'll probably need to go shopping a lot this month. Darn.

I also need to get a laptop, right now I'm thinking a Sony Vaio EB, but if anyone has any suggestions (except for Mac Books because they are bloody expensive) feel free to comment!

I will be in a suite-style dorm in a single room, so I'll get to cook!  -- that's probably what I'm most excited for.  I'm not sure if I have my priorities straight, but oh well! Eating healthily is important too, right? :P Goal : to avoid the freshman 15.

Anyways, that's my August summed up in a blog post!  How about you? What are your plans?  


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  1. Adam on August 7, 2010 at 10:10 PM

    My August plans mainly consist of university and work. Fun, fun! Also, very uninteresting :P

    Have fun with your job, and good luck with your piano exam! I bet you can pass.

  2. Marbles on August 8, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    hmmm my august: university stuff, family stuff, orlando YAY!

    job eww
    piano eww

    the problem with both of these things is that they make you very busy, which makes it difficult for us to hang out.

    oh university stuff, I really need to shop and start packing stuff up this week, cause then I'm gone for a week and then I'll have almost week left, to pack some more.

    I plan to redefine freshman 15 to mean lose 15 pounds cause that would be good, and make me healthier. YAY

  3. Meg on August 10, 2010 at 1:17 AM

    What makes you so sure you won't pass?! I bet you're going to ace that exam and wow the judges with your finger-flying skills.

    Shopping for university is such a good excuse for buying tons of cute clothes, because you're totally going to need this jacket and that cardigan for when it gets cold, and that dress would be such a good dress to wear to a formal, etc. And I hope you're more than excited, even though you'll be missing out on two very important aspects of college life -- eating horrible dorm food and never having alone time!

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