Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From Sunday, random thoughts

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This post will be all over the place if I just talk about what’s on my mind in paragraphs, so I’ll list them. Lazy me, I know.

1. School starts tomorrow - *clings to bedpost* NOO! Don’t make me go! I had such a good week just staying home and doing, well, NOTHING. I never realized how amazing sleep and relaxation was until this March break surprisingly, mainly because I used to be a dork and do all my homework on the very first day of the break. This leads to another problem however - I still need to do all my homework. Aye aye aye, there’s no way I’ll be done for tomorrow. *Prepares self for an all-nighter*

2. Bought the cutest dress ever - Well, that basically summed it up. The dress is from Costa Blanca, and it actually fits me!

3. Hilary vs. Obama - Who will win? The suspense is killing me. Personally, I think Hilary will, solely due to the fact that she has had more experience. But who knows? Also, I was thinking (shocking) about this today: Are all people named Hilary hilarious ?

4. Snark - is the most amazing thing ever. Interacting and posting on Snark is so much fun, and lately it’s all I’ve doing on the internet. I am officially addicted.

Didn’t I tell you this was going to be a really random post? I hear my parents calling me to make dinner, so off I go! *skips down the yellow brick road*


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