Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring break!

The students in the class are all sitting there at their desks staring at the clock, as if in a trance. The second hand moves clockwise, tick, tick, tick. Their eyes concentrate on that thin little needle that’s traveling round and round. With each passing minute, the anxious students rise a little out of their seats, anticipating the ringing of the bell that signifies the beginning of spring break; the beginning of a week of freedom, and, of course, no homework. *BRINGGGG!*

I’m at home now, enjoying my first hour of complete freedom. Relaxation. Finally. I was going to go on a big rant on freedom, but then decided not to. I’m going to be lazy today and do nothing!
Not much happened since I last posted other than a few tests, but those aren’t a big deal. I know for sure that I bombed my chemistry test, but I’m glad it’s over. :) Also, frequent blogging will be another exciting part of spring break, hooray!

And what great timing: after my last post about the insignificance of sweet sixteens, I got invited to one. It's Michelle's sweet sixteen, and it's at a fancy club called Kai Lounge. She's hiring limos and going full out, so I'm basically guilted into going.


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