Friday, March 14, 2008

Michelle's present

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Yesterday, I went shopping for a birthday present and a dress for a friend/acquaintance. Though me, Marlies, and Shiying didn't get much done, it was still pretty amusing. I have drawn this graph to demonstrate how much time we actually spent present hunting:

As you can see, the more I like the person, the longer I will spend looking for a gift because, obviously, humans just have a tendency to please those around them. But If I don't like the person at all, I wouldn't have gotten invited to their party, and therefore, no time would be spent on present-hunting. That's good, since I wouldn't know what to get them anyway, maybe a stink bomb if I really didn't like them.
In the end, we got her L from Lolita Lempicka. The bottle is gorgeous and adorable!

Unfortunately, none of us bought dresses. I tried lots of them on, but I'm so indecisive! I think it's mainly because I didn't know what style I wanted. Any suggestions?
Also, the mall we went to is pretty sketchy, we saw two teenage boys speed walking - almost on the verge of running - out of a store. Hm... what did they have behind their backs?
To tell you the truth, shopping with two friends that don't know each other that well is kind of awkward. It's like I have to make all the decision, and I HATE making decisions.


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