Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Moth and a Hard Place?

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How would you compare a person to a moth? It's like comparing a pencil to a toaster, or... or... Twilight to Harry Potter, it just can't be done!

Of course, my English teacher thinks it's perfectly normal to make us compare the moth in Virgina Woolf's Death Of A Moth to another tragic hero. Then again, she also thinks we, the students in the enhanced class, are a bunch of robots who never run out of energy and can complete a poetry annotation, a formal essay, and an oral presentation all at the same time. News flash: We need to sleep and eat like regular people! In fact, we ARE regular people (well, most of us...)! "Enhanced" is just another term for "Those kids have weird brains and need to be isolated for the wellbeing of others!"

So here's my to-do list for tonight
1. Finish annotating my poem.
2. Finish at least one paragraph in my essay (that's right, I don't plan them, but I probably should...)
3. Start annotating a review for the poem I picked.
4. Make notes on stem cell research.

...and if that doesn't work out:
5. Move to a foreign country.

...and if THAT doesn't work:
6. Slam my head against the wall and hope I get a concussion.

I think I'm going to go listen to some Mozart... Symphony No. 25 it is!


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